Better Budder

Apr 29 2015

Better Budder

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Better Budder produces high quality marijuana edibles.

The journey towards Better Budder began April 13, 2002 the owner Kurt was in a horrific car accident.

He spent 31 days in a coma with significant head trauma, a broken neck in four places, his right shoulder, hip, and knee had to be repaired with arthroscopic surgery.

He awoke as an infant again at 24 years of age. He had to relearn how to do everything all over again. Kurt was dealing with intense headaches which were so intense at times his vision would blur.

The doctors had him on 160 Mg of Oxycontin a day, which was doing damage mentally and wasn’t sufficient in dealing with the pain.

Kurt ended up turning to some pretty harsh street drugs to deal with the pain and anguish, which only made his life worse.

He checked into a 6 month intensive inpatient rehab that the VA puts on for Veterans.

When he was finished with his rehab the Doctors could no longer prescribe anything for pain due to his battle with street drugs.

So suffering from horrific pain with narcotics no longer a viable option to assist me in coping he tried MMJ. This offered some relief, but smoking it wasn’t a viable option for him.

In search of a new way to ingest it he began to research it’s edible abilities.

After many trials and hard work, Better Budder was born and now we are working on making this medicine available at every access point for everyone in need of a little relief.