Korova Edibles

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Jan 11 2015

Korova Edibles

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Korova produces high quality marijuana edibles.

At Korova Edibles™ we are dedicated to offering a superior tasting product with truly unrivaled potency, at a fair price.

Why do Korova Edibles cookies taste better? We start with only high-quality, fresh ingredients, and our award-winning recipes are bursting with mouth-watering flavor. We use special ingredients and techniques to make our cookies the most delicious on the market. All Korova Edibles products are prepared in our health department-certified, industrial kitchen by our knowledgeable kitchen staff, with a certified food manager on site.

How do we make our products so potent? We use only top quality cannabis trim and flowers (and lots of it). Our medicinal edibles are extremely strong, with prices similar to those of our less potent competitors. We are setting new standards for high-potency edibles. Quite simply, we are unrivaled.

Taste, potency and value make Korova Edibles the smart choice in medicinal cannabis edibles. Find all Korova Edibles products at your local medicinal cannabis dispensary.