Nana's Secret Medibles

Apr 30 2015

Nana’s Secret Medibles


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Nana’s Secret Edibles produces baked goods and sodas.

Nana’s Secret was founded by Cecilia Sivertson out of a need to help ease her epilepsy symptoms and arthritis pain. In 2012 Cecilia tried cannabis in desperation, after her prescription epilepsy medications left her with tremors, pain, and cloudy thinking that made normal life difficult. Amazed at the immediate and lasting results she experienced, Cecilia began creating her own edible medication for longer-lasting, smokeless relief. Soon she began sharing these tasty confections with other patients and owners of collectives. From there, Nana’s Secret became the fastest-growing, most popular infused sodas and baked goods in Washington State, and soon thereafter won a Canna Cup award for Best Edible. Simultaneously, Cecilia (“Nana”) herself became one of the most loved and quoted personalities in the WA Cannabis industry.

The key ingredient to Nana’s Secret products is Care, and it’s also what fuels Cecilia’s drive and success. Nana dedicates a generous portion of her profit to help parents of children with epilepsy gain access to low THC/high CBD Cannabis products for treatment.