Not Your Granny's

Mar 04 2019

Not Your Granny’s

Not Your Granny’s produces high quality marijuana infused gummies in Oregon.

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Classic candies meet the latest medicine. This mom-and-pop CBD candy shop is pleased to offer a line of cannabidiol-infused hard candies and gummies. Not Your Granny’s crafts small-batch artisanal treats that provide potent relief without intoxicating effects. With great tasting options like Mango Chile and Watermelon, medicating is practically irresistible. Not Your Granny’s is perfect for people who want to stop pain, inflammation, or anxiousness without the intoxicating effects of THC. With these cannabidiol-infused candies, patients can medicate virtually anywhere. Keep a bag of your favorite flavor on hand and discreetly enjoy the benefits of CBD on the go. Not Your Granny’s bridges the gap between old and new, providing classic hard candies infused with the best and latest the cannabis industry has to offer.