Tetra Labs Edibles
Apr 30 2015


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Tetralabs produces high quality marijuana capsules and sprays.

TetraLabs has established an outstanding reputation for producing pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products containing the highest-purity cannabinoids available. No other company in the industry offers our levels of quality, dependability and repeatability. TetraLabs produces four outstanding products offering symptomatic relief for patients with AIDS, cancer and other conditions. GoldCaps™ Softgels come in oral dosages of 10mg, 25mg and 35mg. GoldMist™ Sublingual Spray provides a sublingual spray with 2.5mg doses absorbed through the mucosa. PureGold™ Concentrate may be heated and inhaled and GoldPen™ vaporizers provide PureGold relief anywhere.

GoldCaps™ THC Oral Softgels
GoldCaps™ CBD Oral Softgels
GoldMist™ THC Oral Spray
GoldMist™ CBD Oral Spray
PureGold™ THC Squeeze Tubes
GoldCart™ THC Vape Cartridge
GoldCart™ CBD Vape Cartridge
LiquidGold™ 50 for THC Edibles