The Venice Cookie Company

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Jan 11 2015

The Venice Cookie Company

The Venice Cookie Company

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Venice Cookie Company produces high quality edibles.


The Venice Cookie Company story began in 2006 with a group of family and friends having fun in the kitchen, adding cannabis to some olive oil. But in an alternate universe many decades earlier, an herbalist and healer was experimenting and perfecting a secret process to make the most effective medicinal cannabis extract possible. When these two sets of people were lucky enough to cross paths in 2007 and discover a common goal, The Venice Cookie Company was born.


The Venice Cookie Company is committed to raising the bar not only with its delicious, reliable products and packaging, but by also advocating for a future where cannabis can be trusted and used responsibly without fear. Many people are afraid to use cannabis for legal or safety reasons; we are committed to solving both of these issues.

Our commitment to consistency, health and wellness, presentation, flavor and freedom of choice makes us a leader in cannabis activated products. The Venice Cookie Company’s personal service and attention to detail is second to none. We look forward to proving it to you.