Zoots Marijuana Edibles
Apr 30 2015


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Zoots Edibles creates high quality cannabis edibles and drinks.

At Zoots, we like to focus on the little things. Like handcrafted small batch treats made with premium infused cannabis paired with unique blends tailored to your interests, desires and intentions. Best of all, our nibbles and drinks taste delicious, too. The days of dividing brownies and crumbling cookies is a thing of the past. Zoots by the serving is here to stay. Are you feeling empowered?

Welcome to Zootology.
A study in fine, artisan crafted cannabis nibbles and drinks.

Our Zootologists carefully extract the essential oils of the marijuana plant in a contaminant-free environment using our proprietary Cypress Extraction Method™. This closed-loop process captures the THC using organic cane alcohol in a cold fusion process. So, you can be assured that each serving is consistent.


Zoots Products include – ZootDrops, ZootRocks, ZootBlast and ZootBites.